Incumbent Langata Member of parliament Phelix Odiwuor has revealed plans to take serious steps against a local newspaper over defamatory publication about him.

The embattled member of parliament who was ousted from the Orange Democratic Movement through a publication by Citizen Weekly has been allegedly linked to scamming a Tunisian alongside two other powerful politicians.

Jalang’o and the two were accused of attempting to defraud a Tunisian national of over Sh1 billion in a counterfeit gold deal.

However through his socials Jalang’o has corrected the narrative promising to deal with the local publisher terming it as rogue media.

”Rogue media must be dealt with! After the steps I want to take against Citizen Weekly.” He wrote before adding that his expected steps will be a lesson the the locals newspaper.

”I dont think they will ever sit down and write a defamatory story on anyone again then call to extort you in the name of we will clean your name! I’ll not fall for that nonsense! Good” Jalang’o added.

His followers had different opinions about his sentiments

”We are aware of your decision to shift support from Raila and align with the government. It appears your motivation was to seek state protection for your questionable activities. Please refrain from dismissing this as defamatory, as we believe it to be accurate!

Fununu haikuangi mbali na ukweli. Weka was ndani mwesimiwa

As much as this is fictious there is some little truth in this 😂😂😂

Challenge them in court but of course you won’t because court cases have discovery …and I’m sure you don’t want that”

”Am with you on this!! It’s not easy to build but it’s easy to demolish”

Some of Jalango’s followers however went back in history reminding him of the alleged wash wash strory that was walking around social media a few years ago.

“Kimeanza kukuramba ……obare has been saying you are wash wash in the last 3years why haven’t you sued him…..the key word is royal media because the owner has good relationship with baba…..😂😂😂….we already know who you’re working for even your boss is washing……”” These words are being said in the ground

Don’t twist the story.Are you wash wash or not?




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