Billnass has gone to great lengths to impress his richer wife Nandy as she celebrated her 31st birthday.

The Tanzanian rapper dug deep into his pockets to hire a private jet to fly his wife to a non-descript location.

In a video shared in their social media platforms the renown couple could be seen popping champagne, as they savoured on the exciting moment which was held in a ritzy undisclosed location.

He also penned a heartfelt message where showered his wife with lots of love. He also admitted that if given chance to do it all over again he would still choose to cohabit with Nandy a testament to the immense affection he has for her.

“Napaswa kushukuru Mungu , kwa kunipa mke n arafiki ndani ya nafsi moja , Nakupenda sana Mke wangu… Hata Dunia ingeanza upya kesho bado ningetafuta Nafsi ya kukuoa!! Una kila sababu ya kunifanya ni kupende,” Billnass wrote.

He attributed his wife as the source of his joy and happiness where he also publicly praised his wife for her devotion to the relationship and  for being a pillar in his life.

“Tabasam langu na furaha yangu ya kila siku hutengeneza na wewe… Heri ya siku ya kuzaliwa Mama @naya_bill Nina mengi ya kusimulia ulimwengu kuhus upendo wangu kwako… ila kwa leo wach niseme Beki zangu kwako Hazikabi kabisa…Nakupenda mpaka Nakupenda tena Happy Birthday @officialnandy,” he further wrote.

Nandy responded recognizing the  huge gesture while professing her undying love for him.

The post read “Aaaaaaaaaaaw nakupenda MUME WANGU sana sana sana sana MUNGU atutunze @billnass”

The Mother of one earlier this year also went big with a surprising gift for Billnass which left him in indescribable joy as he jumped to hug her.



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Earlier this year Billnass was bought for a  posh Range Rover by Nandy and now he seems to be reciprocating the gesture in equal measure.


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