Veteran media personality and radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has been forced to close down two of his businesses located in Kitengela.

Mwakideu took to his socials to alert his loyal customers that his car wash  (Pampered Rides) and restaurant (Pampered Village) had closed down after two years of operations.

The Milele radio presenter launched his car wash back in May 2020 and the restaurant was officially launched in November 2021.

In a comment restricted post on his Instagram, Mwakideu told his loyal customers that the services they will be getting from his old spot are not from Pampered Enterprises

“Whatever services you will receive from the premises located behind Ola Petrol Station in Kitengela are not of pampered Enterprises.

“We apologize for all inconveniences caused by this closure and we look forward to serving you again soon”  Alex Mwakide announced.

In the post, Alex assured his customers he will be reopening his businesses but in a different location.

In a past interview, Mwakideu revealed that he had resolved to establish business ventures after he took a 50% salary cut due to the difficult pandemic season.

“This is Pampered Village so expect purely Swahili cuisine, our guests will enjoy the best of Swahili foods and at least Kitengela will not be known only for nyama choma. I invite everyone to come and leave us a review, our dishes are very tasty,” he highlighted during the opening of his venture.

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