After getting fed up with many online users questioning why her daughter Tiffah Dangote always rocks the same hairstyle, Popular businesswoman Zari has finally responded.

In a short clip that is now doing rounds on social media, Zari took to her Snapchat account to address the online people who kept wondering why she had never bothered to change her daughter’s hairstyle.

Zari explained that she was giving her daughter the childhood she deserved, a normal childhood.

The socialite explained that she did not want her only daughter to be packaged for the internet to look perfect for social media all the time in a bid to impress people.

She further detailed that the reason why Lattifah’s hair was braided was because of the season seeing that it is Summer in South Africa which demands children to take up swimming classes almost three days in a row at a time.

Zari insisted that although Latiffah has a plain simple hairstyle she is well-brushed and presentable for school every morning.

“Oh can you do daughter’s hair you are all up looking good on snap oh what about her, It’s Summer in South Africa let me educate you part of the extra murals in summer in South Africa is swimming it could be three days in a row they swim at school after lunch breaks she gets home we have swimming pool she does the same thing. am letting my child be a child I don’t want her to look perfect for social media, I don’t want her to look perfect because her Mommy is doing snaps because I need to impress you idiots

she is being a child enjoying summer she is swimming having African hair like that is gonna look … but in the morning as she leaves for school she is well prepared and well presented for school the hair is brushed up and all of that alright since you decided to make it your business I hope you have answers now Idiots show” Zari




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