Kenyan men who thirst for socialite and social media sensation Shakilla will have to work extra hard.

The self proclaimed queen of the streets has unleashed a series of demands a man should meet before she settles with them.

Taking to her Instagram  she stated that she needs nothing less than 15 million for her dowry. How possible is this, Who will marry her?

Shakilla mad these revelation during a question answer session with her fans after one asked if he is allowed to ask her for a hand in marriage to which she responded.

”$150,000 dowry price, 100 camels shopping voucher $4000 real estate property under my name Range rover velar 2020 monthly babe allowance $1500”

The queen of the streets has been on the spot over controversial sentiments especially when it comes to Kenyan men dating her.

During the question Shakilla made her point clear about the language her  ideal man should speak after downplaying an offer to date a Tanzanian man ”

My type is not there and most of them don’t know how to speak English fluently” she responded.




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