Andrew Kibe has said that he wants to save singer Nikita Kering by marrying her and making her a mother of five or six children.

The controversial podcaster claims that its time for Nikita to settle and start having children or else she is wasting away and will just ‘expire’ like those who came before her. According to him, her goodness will be consumed by unworthy persons and it will be painful for him and those who admire her.

“Wacha tusanitize Nikita Kering hapa. Huyu dem asipoanza kupata watoi sahi at this rate ataexpire tu kama hao wengine wamekuja na wakaenda. So Nikita, if you are listening to me this is the time. Let me save you, I know you can’t lack a visa to come to the States. Come I show one or two things. Come nikumarry nikudunge watoi ka tano sita, nikuwekee nyumba self contained place utakuwa unalea watoi wakifika three unaniletea because this goodness is going to be consumed by people who are not serious and the pain we shall feel is not good,” Kibe said.

Kibe further continued to express his feelings for Nikita saying that he will be missing in action for even three weeks if he gets chance to have her.

“You can becoming here daily looking for a show and you get told ‘the customer you are looking for is between Nikita’s a**’,” the former radio host said.


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