A young Kenyan lady has tattooed President William Ruto’s face permanent on her body in an interview with youtuber commentator 254, she explains that she has unconditional love for Ruto.

She explains that the tattoo was inspired by the pressure from a serious public out cry that lead to massive demonstrations .

Trying to understand her motive Kenyans are finding unbelievable and amusing that she tattooed the president’s face despite everyone complaining about the economy.

“Mimi Kutoka Napenda Ruto” The Woman claimed in her defense

Joy Juma, a 2nd year student at Cooperative University Of Kenya, says that her intention was to show the President, that there are people out here who still love him and are willing to support him.

The lady who is now the talk of the internet revealed that the tattoo artist was in shock as he did not expect the portrait to be of Ruto. She states that her mother who is also a supporter of Ruto, was in agreement with her idea of getting a tattoo of him.

“kama hio ndio unataka ni sawa and she supported me financially” she said

Joy who now has a permanent tattoo of president William Ruto noted that the economy is high but the president is doing his best to avoid taking the country into loans for the future’s good.

“Ni permanent nikiamaka kila siku nimuone …. ” she explained. “kitu amechange ni economy na ni juu hataki kuchukua loans.” The young woman concluded.

Renowned internet sensation Cassypool  who is a staunch supporter of  President William Ruto promised to send her Ksh 20,000 for the gesture.

The lady also set the record straight that the tattoo was not meant for clout or attention since she didn’t  show it off during the maandamano.


September 14, 2023

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