Lawyer and activist Miguna Miguna has addressed the government’s plan of introducing digital IDs.

In a lengthy tweet, the controversial  politician opposed the idea citing various reasons.

One of his reasons is that Kenya is a developing country and digital IDs are not a priority.

“First, it’s not a priority for a 3rd world country facing high unemployment, no universal healthcare and homelessness,” he argued.

“Second, Kenya lacks the legal, technological and human capacity to PROTECT PRIVACY and PREVENT misuse of personal DIGITAL DATA. Kenya wasn’t even able to detect and prevent Worldcoin from illegally harvesting personal data from its citizens for more than one year!”he further said.

Miguna added that Kenya lacks digital infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks such as hacking, hence making the harvesting, processing and storage of digital identity prone to abuse and illegal poaching.

He also said that the public has not been involved  and that developed countries like Canada are yet to introduce the system.

“Fourth, the introduction hasn’t been subjected to PUBLIC PARTICIPATION and looks suspiciously rushed like the dubious BBIFraud and Huduma Number. Anything shrouded in mystery and rushed cannot pass the smell test. And fifth, even some of the most technologically developed countries like Canada and the USA hasn’t introduced COMPULSORY DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION system because most of their citizens are opposed to its use due to some of the issues identified above,” the lawyer said.

Miguna urged the government to stop burdening Kenyan at a time when they are struggling.

“The Kenya Kwanza must refrain from forcing Kenyans to pay for another expensive white elephant with dubious origins! Digital Identity is NOT a priority for Kenyans, especially at this moment in time when citizens face real problems of life and death that need to be addressed. We say a firm NO to Digital ID!” he affirmed.

The registration for Unique Personal Identifier dubbed Maisha Number is set to commence on September 29, 2023. According to the government, theKshs 1 million project is aimed at phasing out the second generation ID cards. Citizens who attain the age of 18 will be issued with a card dubbed Maisha Card.


September 14, 2023

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