A woman from Turitu village, Kiambu county will be spending her night behind bars for alledgedly whipping up her 8-year old child to death.

The woman who has only been identified as Fena used an electric wire to displine her grade one student.

Speaking to members of the press, Aggrey Kidake who works as a security guard explained that he got home on Monday at around 8 am and found the little girl sleeping alongside his children after running away from home due to her mother’s severe beatings.

He further added that it had became a norm for the girl to run to his house for safety whenever Fena got violent.

Kidake explained that on that fateful day he did not think it was wise to let the little girl sleep over for the second time and at 12pm he  escorted the student back to her mother’s house.

No sooner had he reached home than Fena called asking him to return and rush the young child to the hospital as  she had collapsed.

“The girl whenever she is beaten she runs to my home and when I found her at my house,  I returned her to her mother, but later in the day, I was told by the girl’s mother that her daughter was dying and should hurry up and take her to hospital as she had fallen down” Kidake explained.

On arrival, Kidake claimed that he found the girl soiled, her clothes stained with blood and she was asking for water.

He immediately rushed the girl to Kiambu Level 5 Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Doctors questioning Fena  on what had transpired said that the woman was adamant that the girl had succumbed to a fall. However, a visit to the mortuary stated different.

The deceased’s body  when examined showed multiple visible bruises indicating that she did not die from the fall alone.

After the examination, mortuary attendants advised the woman that they would have to involve the police.

Fena was arrested  while carrying her one-year-old daughter and is being held at Kiambu police station. She earns a living by cooking food for construction workers.

It is also reported that the woman had been reported severally by the school administration over the girl’s injuries.

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