Popular Kenyan hiphop group P-Unit denied Diamond Platinumz a chance to feature them in his popular song utanipenda.

According to one of the crew members Boneye, Diamond approached them for the collaboration while they were in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Bon-eye said that the Tanzanian superstar waited for them for four hours but they turned down the offer.

“Tulinyima Diamond collabo. Kuna time Diamond alitungojea kwa lobby for four hours tukiwa kwa hoteli Dar es Salaam alikuwa anataka tufanye collabo naye tukamnyima. Gabu alisema alikuwa ameparara lips. But long story short si kila mtu hupewa collabo but actually nakumbuka hio alikuwa ameshaandika akatuambia kaka zangu ningependa kufanya collabo na nyinyi na akaniimbia chorus hapo kwa lobby, hio ngoma ni ya ‘nitampata wapi kama yule nampendaga sana’ alikuwa anataka ikuwe Punit featuring Diamond,” he opened up during an interview with SPM Buzz.

They however did not leave Diamond hanging as they went with him to Lagos, Nigeria where he later met with Rick Ross’s management.

“Si ati opportunity ilipotea kwa maana hakupata collabo na sisi, alipata opportunity ingine,” he said.

Boneye added that they no longer talk but does not think that he harbours a grudge over them for the hotel incident.

“I respect Diamond a lot. Ni msee ametia bidii sana. I respect mahali amefika, nilipatana nayeye wakati anafanya mbagala and watching kutoka mahali ametoka na mahali amefika am proud of him,” he said.

P-Unit was made up of Boneye, Frasha and Gabu. The group however stopped being active in the entertainment industry by 2015. They parted ways to concentrate on solo careers after 14 years.

In February this year, Frasha announced that he was quiting music after 23 years.

“23 is a magical number for me. 2023 is a magical year for me, and 23rd is when I bid the game goodbye officially. Thursday 23, 2023 will be my last public show and also my birthday party. Come join me as give the last bow and celebrate my musical career,” he announced in February

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