Grammy-winning Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, left his fans amazed and delighted during his electrifying concert at Tottenham Stadium in London. The sold-out show took an unexpected turn when the singer accidentally threw his £18 million ring into the excited crowd while tossing his jacket.

In a viral video, the euphoric crowd witnessed the costly mishap as the precious ring disappeared into the hands of an unknown fan. But Wizkid’s quick thinking saved the day. He immediately called his jeweller for a replacement and had a new £100k ring crafted right then and there. The crowd was in awe, eager to witness the lucky fan who would end up with the superstar’s lost treasure.

The incident generated immense buzz, leaving fans curious about the fortunate fan who ended up with Wizkid’s lost ring. Catching a keepsake worn by the beloved icon added an extra layer of excitement to an already unforgettable evening.

Despite the mishap, Wizkid’s performance remained spectacular, proving why he’s one of Nigeria’s most successful musical exports. The incident highlighted that even celebrities can have unexpected moments, but Wizkid’s charisma and grace in handling the situation only enhanced his star power.

In the end, the show at Tottenham Stadium remains a testament to Wizkid’s musical prowess and enduring appeal, leaving his fans eagerly awaiting his next show-stopping performance.


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