Kiambu County commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha has declared a decisive ban on what has commonly been referred to as Park and Chill along the peaceful tea farms and streets of Kiambu.

This has happened for a short period where a group of people identified as “Nairobians” drive from Nairobi to the green tea estates of Limuru on Sundays.

“This is a matter of great concern to us, there is a new lifestyle trend that has cropped up in this region since the COVID-19 pandemic… they revel in partying, alcohol consumption, loud music, and ‘pompous activities’,” Nkanatha said.

The County Commissioner went on adding that the matter had been taken into action and seemingly dissatisfied with these disruptive activities, declared a ban unequivocally.

“For the last three weeks, we have been doing a crackdown. We have arrested some of them in Limuru and taken them to court… we do not want to see such kind of activities around here, and as the Kiambu security committee, we are banning them… we are working in collaboration with the police officers to ensure that there is a permit for all areas where alcohol drinking is taking place. On the roads, there is no permit there,” he noted.

Adding to this, Nkanatha vowed to be hellbent in ensuring park and chill is curbed.

“This youth even comes with a DJ. We have vowed to continue with the crackdown. We have an operation order to end these hangout habits,” he said.

Still on the matter, the Kiambu Woman Representative, Ann Wamuratha described the matter as a contributor to the drug menace in the country.

“Alcohol and drugs in Kiambu are a real menace, continue collaborating with the security forces to curb this problem,” she told the Commissioner.

Limuru’s tea plantations appear to be perfect location for the type wild, outdoor party due to several factors- its expanse, the clean air, the picturesque views and its remoteness.

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