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News of the tragic accident that Kenyan content Creator King Bizzy experienced was shared on Sunday November 12,2023 as pictures of the wrecked caras pictures of the wrecked car he were circulated online.

He has been silenced since the accident but has finally spoken about the devastating occurrence and the after math that has affected his career and life in general.

In an interview on Youtube, he tried to hold back his tears as he narrated what transpired on that fateful day and his whereabouts since then.

”I have been in hospital for the past three weeks, I had been admitted,” he stated.

King Bizzy said that the accident cost him his two legs and dislocation on his knees.

”It was like the worst phase of my life,” he noted.

He said that he had to undergo two surgeries after a CT scan, which revealed the seriousness of the damage.

The accident taught him to be appreciative of life as it dawned on him how precious life and well being is when he realized that he could barely do anything for himself after the treatment.

”It didn’t hit me until I got into this accident, nikiamka bro it seemed so normal.”

”I have learnt to appreciate the gift of life,” King Bizzy added.

According to him when he was giving details of the accident few days after it happened, the accident was caused by assailants who throw stones at moving cars to rob them.

“It was on Thika Road, my friends told me there are thieves who throw stones on the road; they threw stones, the car ran over, and it flipped three times. It was the second flip that threw me out. The next thing I remember, I was on the road surrounded by people,” he recounted.

He later found himself in hospital after regaining his consciousness, bloodied and in a lot of pain.

Speaking on his hospital bed, he had faulted netizens who were accusing him of clout chasing.

“If it were clout chasing, I would have posted it myself. My videos trend every day on TikTok and Instagram, why would I need to clout chase?” he told netizens.

He then asked his funs to support him, as the surgeries would cost  him a lot of money.


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