An American lady identified as Passion Jones  has caused a ruckus online after she showed off her two husbands and the sons she has with each of them in a family portrait for thanksgiving on her Instagram page.


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Before her story went viral, the lady was already  enjoying a large following on her social media pages as she works as an influencer of many brands.

Most of her followers however, follow for her because of her advice and advocacy  for polyamory relationships and her marriage to the two men is an indicator that she indeed drinks what she preaches.

The 31 year old voluptuous lass got married to het first husband when she was only 20 years old and started the polyamory relationship last year after her 30th birthday.

The three love birds together have a podcast where they talk about their experience in the hope of guiding other couples going through the same type of relationship.

In one of the episodes, the first husband confesses that he is not jealous and was not forced to agree to the arrangement as he enjoys it.

On her part, the matriarch stated that she never thought that she would be married to two men but she has since come to enjoy  the perks of having two partners.

The men explained that they each took turns in getting her pregnant that way they know who the father of the child is.

Minutes after the photos went viral, netizens flocked the comment section each armed with their own opinion on polyamory relationships.

”Deep down I want a family like this but my African family cannot have it.”

” love this! It’s some of yall think it’s acceptable men have multiple wives, I don’t see why us women can’t do it. If it works for some people, it works. ❤️🖖🏽 I love to see it.”

” As a grown man this is just embarrassing, how did she meet the youngest husband if she was already married. She cheated then,” netizens commented




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