Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi, a popular Kenyan comedian and a newly found philanthropist has came out to defend himself against claims that he takes a share from the donations he conducts for people online.

Replying to a question from Nairobi news a popular blog, the comedian stated that he would never exploit a needy person.

He stated that there was boundaries set on what he can fundraise on explaining that some circumstances like school fees were out of bounds as the funds could be very tempting.

Omondi stated that he dealt with very sensitive and at times spiritual cases where he fundraised foe people who were depending on that money for survival or redemption insisting that he could not mess around with money meant for needy persons.

The father of two explained that exploiting such people  could even result into curses that go up to the 4th generation.

” We do not fundraise for school fees or weddings or things like ruracios.( Traditional weddings) Things like those I can be tempted to take some money and keep to myself. I am fundraising for people who are depending on that money to be alive. If you touch that money, you might be cursed. We are dealing with kidney transplants, someone whose son has been in a mortuary for five years and so I would never do that, I would never take any amount from a needy person.” the comedian said in his defense.

Giving examples of different sources of  Omondi maintained that he worked hard for his income.

”There are so many types of money, there is blood money, there is someone who is killing to get money and then there is someone working hard to get money . Eric Omondi is working hard to earn his income . I would never use that money for my gain.” the comedian stated.

Netizens also flocked the comment section to show support to the newly found activist.

”I do not see a problem with thatbora nawasaidia coz he also uses his time sometimes ata halali.”

”Let Eric be he is doing a good job and we will continue to support him. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,”

”Wivu itawaua huku nje. Let the young man be. I’m sure this story is probably sponsored by his haters.” Kenyans online commented.






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