Blessing Lungaho, the former partner of renowned Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia, has sent ripples through social media with a cryptic Instagram post that left fans both puzzled and curious.

The post featured Lungaho in a rather cheesy picture, accompanied by a caption that hinted at a new romantic interest, leaving many questioning its meaning.

In the Instagram post, which quickly garnered attention, Lungaho could be seen smiling while wearing matching outfits with an unidentified woman. The caption read, “Wakimatch vitenge sisi tuna match colors,” which translates to “When they match fabrics, we match colors.”

The enigmatic message has since become the talk of the town, with fans speculating about Lungaho’s intentions and the identity of his new companion.

“Alafu Uta match mtoto alafu you march ahead….” an Instagram user commented.

“Our favorite Kenyan actor making Kenya proud big ups to lungaho,” said another.

“Mna move on haraka sana actually,” read another comment.

Matubia and Blessing parted ways a few months ago, with the actress embracing single parenting wholeheartedly.  Their relationship has been a subject of public interest and occasional controversy. Their past issues have been aired publicly with Matubia hinting that Blessing is a deadbeat.

She however recently said that she would allow Blessing to be part of their daughter’s life if he is interested.

“First of all you give chances to fathers who are interested . The first thing is if a father is interested in the child first,” she told a fan.



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