Singer Wahu was among those appointed in the creative industry to positions in newly formed committees in his ministry. Yesterday, she politely shared a photo from a meeting she recently attended but online trolls could not let her thrive.

While Wahu explained how excited she was about the future of the entertainment industry on her post and some trolls mostly women really highlighted the fact that she had really gained weight in her comment section.

Her teen daughter Tumiso was however, not pleased with how people attacked her mother so she took it to her Insta stories to address the issue.

“I just want to address people body shaming Wahu on her recent post. I find it really sad that it’s mostly women talking about her body. Honestly, I expected better from us and she literally has a baby. You guys need to grow up.”

A few months ago, Wahu confessed to adding weight following the birth of her third child revealing that she had added  an extra 20 kilos which was not something to worry about.

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