Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi calmly put a Facebook user to his place after he trolled her saying she is now old.

The netizen made the distasteful comment on Wahu’s recent post and the mother of three responded to him saying that its a blessing to grow old.

“Muriithi Karimi kuzeeka ni baraka. Grateful for health and happiness. Enjoy the rest of your Easter break,” Wahu said.



The sweet love hitmaker has faced trolled on several occasions and fans have praised her for always issuing classy responses. In February this year, she was body shamed for gaining weight excessively following the birth of her youngest daughter.

Wahu however hit back at trolls with an encouragement to those who have been body shamed.

“To anyone whose ever been body shamed, remember, what the shamers say is not a reflection of you … it’s really a reflection of the quality of person they are. wewe uko tu sawa…so don’t take it their negativity to heart . just for the record, I’m not posting this because I’m upset..ziii….unajua, ukijijua, not many external things can get to you…I’m sharing this for us to take note that there is hope for a more positive living environment and also to encourage anyone who’s been a victim of any kind of hate otherwise laleni fiti,” the artist said.

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