Stevo Simple claimed that his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has not moved on and that she doesn’t want to leave him alone.

The rapper took to his Insta stories to demand Vishy to stay out of his businesses and stop mentioning his name.

He also wondered if  other people’s exes behave like his.

“Ex Ka kando wachana na biashara zangu kabisa, si lazima unitaje Kila saa DUUH sijui kama ma ex zenu pia wako ivi,” Stevo said.

Vishy has not directly responded to Stevo’s diss but she has taken to Instagram to share a motivational quote with her fans.

“Put your glasses on. Don’t see how they are laughing at you 😏 Put your earphones on with a loud motivating song. Don’t listen to their negative words …😔 AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DONT GIVE UP,” she said.


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