Kenyans are wrapping their heads around the story of pastor Paul Mackenzie, founder of the Good News International Church, who forced his faithfuls to starve to death so that they can eventually meet Jesus Christ.

Aside from starving his faithfuls, he is said to to have been brainwashing his believers, turning them against education over claims that it is satanic among other false teachings about Christianity.

Many Christians have died in his hands and some buried alive in a mass grave inside the Shakahola Forest, Malindi, that has since been cordoned off as a scene of crime.

The story has been hitting headlines for a couple of days now with curious Kenyans digging about Mackenzie’s past.

It has however emerged that the controversial is also a gospel singer. 7 years ago, he published a song on his YouTube channel titled Kisha nikaona.

The controversial song talks about end times, the mark of the beast(antichrist) and influential people and things associated with illuminati and devil worshipping including former US president Barack Obama, TV shows such as Nickelodeon, World Trade Organisation among others. It also talks about false prophets as it is written in the book of Mathew 7:15.

Towards the end of the song, pastor Mackenzie claims the Catholic church, America and  UN  are the actual beast(antichrist).

“Ewe mteule tahadhari sasa maana mnyama amekwishatokea duniani naye ni Roman empire, Roman Catholic, wakishirikana na mnyama mwingine ambaye ni America, wakaleta United Nations(UN) na mwisho katika ushirika wao wanakuja  kusimamisha utawala mmoja juu ya uso wa dunia kinyume cha yesu Kristo, na wanakuja na mfumo mwingine wa New World Order ili kusimama kinyume cha Yesu Kristo na Mungu aliyeumba mbigu na ardhi maana ya chapa ya 666 imeanza kazi,” the pastor said in his song

Below is the full video of his song.


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