Pastor Paul MacKenzie Nthenge has made headlines for the past two weeks after his church, Good News International, that is based in Malindi was put on the spotlight for misleading his congregants to fast to death with the false promise of meeting Jesus.

It’s is believed Mackenzie started his church  in 2003 as a small evangelical centre  together his wife Joyce Mwikamba.

The couple later relocated to  Migingo, Malindi where he set up another church. His family still occupies the land to date and Joyce served as his co-pastor. It is during this period that controversial McKenzie started claiming he had the power to speak directly to God.

Around 2016, Mckenzie acquired a TV station after one of his followers Kennedy Mwacharo sold his property in Lamu at a throw away price of 20 Million and handed over all the money to him, abandoning his family and responsibilities. The property was valued over 100 Million back then. The man would die two months later in unclear circumstance.

Through his TV station, Mckenzie was  able to reach a bigger audience. Mwacharo was just but the first case as several other people later sold their properties and gave all their money to McKenzie only for them to mysteriously disappear later.

The most recent case is that of Betty, an air hostess who sold her lifelong investments at a price of 7 million, quit her job, abandoned her family and headed  with all the money to McKenzie’s Shakahola church.

The gorgeous hostess Never made it back to her family. It is believed she is  among the dead bodies being retrieved in graves at Shakahola farm.

Mackenzie’s preaching dwells on the uselessness of life . He preaches about the second coming of Christ  which he believes to be so soon.  He says a big   wrath awaits those  who would be alive when Jesus returns.

In 2018, KFCB under the leadership of Dr. Ezekiel Mutua banned Mackenzie’s TV station from operating. This was after the killer pastoral couple were arraigned in court for religious radicalisation.

It is unclear  why the TV station continued operating even after the court’s shut down order.

The murderous man of God seems to be well connected as he even once  threatened the then Kilifi Women Rep Aisha Jumwa after  she questioned his ways of teaching.

MacKenzie was on the spotlight again in 2019 when four siblings from Mumias left home for his church  went missing , three of them later made it back alive. This case made him to move his church from Migingo to Shakahola.

According to neighbours, people would continue visiting his old church and they would be directed to his new farm in Shakahola. Witnesses say they would see a lot of people going into the farm but only a few would come out . Apparently McKenzie has fasting supervisors who monitor  his believers in the bush as they starve to death.

It is believed that when leaving his  first church location, Mackenzie  sold his TV station and one of his vehicle to Pastor Ezekiel of New Life .

Interestingly, Pastor MacKenzie’s family does not reside in Shakahola. While he starves his congregants to death, his  family comfortably stays in Migingo village where it is believed they live off wealth left behind by their dead followers.

This case has prompted many leaders to call for tougher religious regulations, including interior cabinet secretary professor Kithure Kindiki.

Meanwhile, more dead bodies are being  exhumed from the farm .The latest bodies were that of a family consisting of a husband, wife and three children bringing the total death toll to 47.



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