Kenyan singer Juliet Miriam Ayub, popularly known as Jovial, brings a refreshing twist to keeping the flames of love burning.

The songstress recently took to her Instagram stories to share a culinary journey that left fans in awe and provided a glimpse into her blossoming relationship.

Jovial, the melodious voice behind hits like ‘Jeraha’, isn’t just creating melodies but also crafting a relationship recipe that resonates with her African roots.

“Mwanaume Wa Kiafrika mpikie tafadhali, tumbo kwanza” she boldly stated a Swahili phrase meaning “An African man should be cooked for.”


In a heartwarming display of practicing what she preaches the artist took to her kitchen to prepare a delectable meal for her boyfriend, Mike.

The highlight of the cooking session was her adept use of a traditional jiko, showcasing her culinary skills and her connection to her African roots.

Jovial’s Instagram stories gave fans an intimate peek into her culinary adventure, from skilfully lighting the jiko with a match to perfectly cooking Ugali and tripe (matumbo). Her enthusiasm and confidence in the kitchen painted a picture of love and togetherness, further enhancing the bond she shares with her beau.

The singer’s relationship with Mike has been making waves on social media, with both of them openly sharing their journey of love. From romantic getaways to fun-filled TikTok videos, the couple has managed to capture the essence of a modern-day fairy tale.

Their story gained public attention in May when Jovial introduced Mike to her followers, despite initial skepticism due to his past. Mike’s previous relationship with a well-known podcaster and media personality, Lydia KM, raised eyebrows, but Jovial’s and Mike’s genuine connection seems to have overshadowed any doubts.

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