Amber Ray

Socialite Amber Ray has addressed allegations of copying Vera Sidika’s gender reveal party.

Amber took to Instagram on Saturday and said that she did not only copy the gender reveal idea but also the gender, marriage among other things.

She went ahead to refer to Vera as her enemy adding that the idea to reveal gender with helicopters began in 2008.

“I also copied the gender, I copied marriage and everything else that came before me. Allow me to explain something to you my enemy! All gender reveal parties are copied from Jenna Karvunidis who begun the trend in 2008,” Amber said.

The mother of one further noted that she she does parties to enjoy and not to entertain people. She said that it was great news that two of Kenyan women used helicopters to reveal the genders of their unborn children but she asked Vera to leave her alone.

“So while I leave your brains scattered back there. I’m far away in 2023 where we do parties to enjoy not to be the best online trend. My game is natural, my fame comes naturally …just like you made it happen now. Be creative to enjoy not to entertain. Let your enjoyment be their entertainment. If you have managed to read this all the way to the end then you are powerful enough to take your life out the box you have placed yourself in where you must show your star to us for you to see it. Be the star you already are first, and the world will see it too. In other good news…imagine two Kenyan women using helicopters for their baby reveal parties in 2023! Isn’t this a wonderful year for Kenya? Lead with love and you will take us all by surprise 🤗….. #amberthebrand Na Unikome please!!!” Amber’s statement read.

Vera earlier took to Instagram and claimed that Amber Ray sent her friends to her gender reveal, which occurred on December 14, 2022, so as to steal ideas.

According to her, Amber Ray knew that the reveal party will be aired on the fourth episode of Real Housewives of Nairobi and that is why she rushed to have hers so that it would seem Vera is the one who copied her idea.

“They wanted to reveal gender with chopper too. Plans just changed last minute because I posted mine and it trended for three days. They had to look for plan B coz now it would have been too obvious coz the Chopper was already booked. They had to just find a way to use it. Told planner she wants to copy my entire gender reveal party and does it right before mine shows on TV. Someone wanting to do everything from my gender reveal party and wants to do it right before mine shows on TV,” part of Vera”s statement read


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