Two army officers in Uganda have been arraigned and found guilty for portraying weakness and cowardice after they were attacked in Somalia by the terrorist group Al-Shabab on May.

The two majors identified as Zadock Abor and John Oluka run away after attacks intensified in Bulo Marer- Mogadishu, Somalia.

It has been reported that 50 Ugandan army officers lost their lives during the attack.

Last week on Monday, It was reported that another attack was experienced in Zaongo village,Burkina Faso leaving 100 people including women and children dead. The Europe Union (EU) in their reaction have castigated the act suggesting for an effective investigation .

“Karibu raia 100, wakiwemo watoto na wanawake wanaaminika kuangamia katika mkasa huo wa kikatili,” said the head of foreign policy Joseph Borrell.

It has also been noted that Burkina Faso has been trying to fight off the terror group who are believed to have accessed the country from Mali.

The foreign policy head directed the army to give an explanation of what resulted to the attack but there is still no response from them.

The number of people involved in the attack has not been identified yet, while a quarter number of the schools in the country have been closed down due to these abrupt attacks.

One of the residents talking to the media has said that Zaongo village was among the few villages that have never faced attacks and that some villagers cooperated with these attackers.

“ilidaiwa baadhi ya wanakijiji walikuwa wakishirikianana wanamgambo,” the villager said.

These attacks have intensified since the army took over the government about a year ago promising to protect the residents against attacks from terror groups and gangs.

The United States of America (USA) has also strongly castigated these heinous acts from the terrorist groups.

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