Sauti Sol held their final concert on Saturday November 5 at Uhuru Gradens.

The sold out show was attended by 15,000 people who came to witness the popular boy band perform one more time before they proceed to their planned hiatus.

During the performance, Chimano expressed his gratitude to the fans who have supported them for the years that they have graced the entertainment industry saying they owe their success to them

“We love you for being sentimental…this is not the last. It has been an amazing journey, fans we started with, the ones we got along the way—in our ups and downs, we fought sometimes, we had good times, you have helped us build this brand. Look around, this is all you. We would not have done it without you. Thank you for supporting us. We do not take this for granted, ” the musician said.

He added that the break is only meant for them to discover themselves on a personal level, adding that they are still brothers after knowing each for two decades. He also gave a flicker of hope to their fans, insinuating that the Saturday concert was not the end of Sauti Sol.

“Look at us, we are still brothers. We have been together for 20 years since we were 15 years old,” he said. “We are going to discover ourselves individually so that we can be better versions of ourselves, so when we come back, we gonna give you 1,000 per cent. This is not goodbye, just a recess. Remember, we love you guys so much.”



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