Directorate of criminal investigators (DCI) have launched a massive scale search party to look for Wells Fargo employees who reportedly escaped with 94 million from Quickmart.

Daniel mungai Mugetha who was the crew commander and the driver are reported to have escaped with the loot after abandoning the company vehicle which was ferrying the money in Dafarm in South C. Nairobi.

The DCI issued a statement on their Twitter account, revealing that Daniel Mungai Mugetha, the crew commander, and Anthony Nduiki Waigumo, the driver, secretly took the truck from the company’s Nairobi offices.

Daniel Mungai Mugetha, the crew commander, and the driver Anthony Nduiki Ndio maana walisema ukiona mubabaz online at 1am don’t get the temptation to chat, it’s the wife doing her security checks 🤣

“Oblivious that the truck no. KBA 517T they were to escort had minutes earlier snaked away, the armed escort team went to enquire from the management why the loading was taking too long. By that time, neither the truck nor the crew members could be traced,” said DCI in a statement.

Police stationed at Langa’ta who were given immediate orders to find the suspects later found the dumped company vehicle empty.


The officers from the DCI have now launched an official manhunt for the two Wells fargo workers to apprehend them and retrieve the stolen money if possible.

The Investigative group have also released the photos of the duo so that the public can aid them in their search.




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