Bwire Ndubi, who played the role of Dida on pupular TV series Sultana is appealing Well-wishers for help to raise Kshs 7 million for her cancer treatment overseas.

Ndubi has been battling Metastatic breast cancer for two years and is in dire need for specialized treatment abroad so that her life can be saved.

“Dear Humans,It’s my prayer your Christmas holidays are coming along just great.I come to you,seeking support to help me get further medical attention overseas that’s required to save my life 😊.

“Isn’t it funny? How frugal life is? One minute you’re living a beautiful one and the next you’re facing demons you never thought you’d face in your entire lifetime. The beautiful thing about it is we never have to face them alone. All we have to do is let people in on the process. It takes a Village to do absolutely anything. Anyway before I bore you with my long post ☺️, I’m coming to the only village I know,please take a moment to stand with me on this journey of recovery by donating anything you can to help me reach the required goal of 7 million Ksh. Your support will be highly valued. God Bless you. Regards,” the actress shared on her Instagram account.


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Her cancer started with signs of a swelling under her armpits during menstruation. She visited a doctor who informed her that she had general infection and she was given drugs for the swollen lymph nodes.

“After three months, my periods could come and go with the pain but on my third period I felt pain in my armpits linger even after the periods had gone,” she opened up previously.

She underwent a screening and was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ, a rare type of cancer involving presence of abnormal cells in a milk duct in the breast.

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