Amber Ray

Amber Ray has revealed that she will be going to college in 2024.

The businesswoman and social media influencer said that she plans on studying since she wants to make herself a better person.

“I want to invest in myself. I want to go back to school am still deciding which course I will take. I want to make me a better person,” she said in an interview with YouTuber Vickie Vickinah.

Amber said that she never proceeded with her tertiary studies then because she couldn’t afford it. She is considering taking a course closer to what she is currently doing.

The mother of two also said that she intends to further her studies because she looks forward to joining politics.

“In future I would to join politics.I want to help people. Maybe governor Machakos or Nairobi women Rep,” she said.

On her strengths and weaknesses she said, “My biggest weakness is trusting people too easily. My strength is my ability not to care.”

She also said that she believes in second chances.

“I believe in forgiveness as well. For me I have learnt never to say never, I will forgive as much as I can until I can no longer forgive,” Amber Ray said and also wished well wishes for her fans during this festive season.

“What’s up my online family, I just want to wish you a merry merry christmas and a happy new year and I wish in 2024 whatever you wanted to achieve in 2023 but you haven’t utaachieve zote by God’s grace and mercies,” she said.


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