Social media sensation Subie Queen is still figuring out how Crazy Kennar has 621, 400 followers on TikTok while Njoki who went viral for shaking her nyash has 1.2 million followers.

Through her twitter,handle @juanne4life compared her with Crazy Kennar arguing that crazy Kennar’s content is way hilarious and informative as compared to Njoki’s yet Kenyans are flocking on her page.

“Njoki Mûrira, her only content is twerking her shapely thendex for 15 seconds per clip. 1.2 million followers. While Crazy Kennar pulls some of the most mind-cracking comedy skits which can last for 60 seconds per clip. They are professionally produced and edited before being posted. 621k followers.”

Her argument sparked a huge uproar on social media with many reasoning like her .

Is it fair?

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    Its okey

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