Popular Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has spurred the attention of Kenyans after inviting the public to church to pray for them. He also urged them to carry offering to provide the pastor with incentive to preach.

In a post on his Instagram page Stevo Simple boy was immaculately dressed in a pencil suit that seemingly caught the eye of hawk eye netizens. The “mihadarati” crooner amusingly wrote that he had already become a man of the cloth and he was READY lay hands on his flock and he needs them to provide him with shoes.

“HUNA CHAKO HUNA naitwa mtumishi @stevosimpleboy8 sasa Sahi mkuje kwa church niwaombe na msisahau kubeba sadaka mtumishi anunue viatu” he wrote.

This comes months after he received support from well wishers when he revealed that he was facing a lot of difficulties in his life,  following his bitter fallout with his previous manager  Vaga and accusing him of reneging on the contract he signed.

Vaga went ahead and issued a statement indicating that their contract had been terminated and he would give back the logins to the  singer’s social media accounts.

During a previous interview, the Freshi Barida songwriter had also complained that he was unable to pay rent and feed himself yet that was the work of his manager. He later came forward to dispute the statement saying he  was okay. Afterwards, he came forward to disown the ‘being okay’ video , explaining that the video was recorded under duress.

Stevo alleged that his manager threatened him minutes before the camera started rolling, forcing him to pretend all was okay when it wasn’t.

He has often hit headlines with claims of being mismanaged, underpaid, or used by industry stakeholders to feather their own nests. Now appearing full of energy Stivo simple boy is seemingly off to a new start.


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