The speaker of the senate, Amason Kingi has given a go ahead to the senate to file an impeachment motion against the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public service Moses Kuria.

The speaker’s remarks came after numerous senators took to the stand during the second day of Mwangaza’s impeachment hearing to call  for the ousting of the former Gatundu member of parliament.

The senator’s cited  the Cabinet Secretary’s sloppy conduct  and frivolous remarks as their main pain point.

The senate’s majority leader, Aaron Cheruiyot  took to the podium first. He stated that Kuria’s tweet on the senate was unacceptable and that it was time for the house to discuss Kuria’s conduct seeing that he had embarrassed the senate and the appointing authority.

“I take great exception in the conduct of Moses Kuria in the tweet and the things he said about this House. I now agree that we should discuss the conduct of this minister because, at every given opportunity, he has done nothing but embarrass the appointing authority,” said  Cheruiyot,

The senator further declared that it was in the current administration’s interest to release the cabinet secretary off his duties as early as possible.

Nairobi senator, Edwin Sifuna who in the past has expressed his stand on Kuria’s leadership seconded cheruyiot’s  remarks.

He termed Kuria as an incorrigible national shame who embarrasses the presidency each chance he gets adding that if not checked, he was a disaster in waiting before calling for removal of the Cs from his position.

“Moses Kuria is an incorrigible national shame. How much embarrassment does the president have the capacity to endure? I can assure you that if nothing is done on him (Kuria) more embarrassment is coming. Action must be taken, and he must be removed from that position.” said Sifuna.



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