herwhere she had gone to make a living.

Since her return, Pritty has been using every opportunity to show her fans how much she is proud of her mother. The duo have been engaging in content creation and photoshoots as well as they spend quality time.


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They recently made a YouTube video to address questions that their fans had for them.

One of the questions was how Pritty’s mother felt when the content creator broke up with her longterm boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy.

“I can’t think anything because it’s part of life. Stevo vile nilimjua coz nimewahi mhost sikuona big deal. Ukiachwa unaachika. Unaona kama mimi niko single and I don’t care,” she said.

On the same note, Pritty Vishy said that her mom is always aware of every person she dates, and if she fails to inform her she gets mad. Pritty and her mother also admitted that they fight sometimes but in the end they make up and apologize to each other.

At the same time, the mother also responded to a question on how she was able to leave the Arab country.

“Nilikuwa team Kemboi, nilimurife and I have reasons zenye zilifanya nikemboi(running away). Process ya kukuja Kenya ni short sana. Kuna processes karibu mbili zenye unaezatumia but mimi nilitumia kujisalimisha, nikawekwa Sakan nikakuwa deported Kenya,” she said.

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