Former city boss Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko has elicited different reactions from X users after he took to his account armed with spiritual advice to take kenyans online through the new month.

Mbuvi termed the day as blessed since it was the first Sunday of the month before calling on his fellow party animals to prioritize attending Sunday service.

He reminded his followers to take time during service and thank God for protecting their families and gifting them the opportunity to witness the new month.

”Watu wa share na kudunda ni vizuri every Sunday tuwe tunaenda kanisa. Today is a blessed day, it is the first day of October and it is also the first Sunday of the month. As we go to Church today tusisahau kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kuchunga familia zetu na pia kwa kutuwezesha kuona mwezi mpya wa October. Nawatakia siku njema yenye baraka na mafanikio.” he wrote.

 Typical of netizens, they flocked to the comment section to air out their hilarious opinions on the former legislator’s post.

”This is how Ruto conned his way into the presidency.”

”True mhesh the power of God is enormous twendeni kanisa either Friday, sabbath or Sunday the first day of the week”

”Just because tis the first day of the month, niekee za kabej mkuu”

”Sunday is just a day like any other day…Ii roman empire program Bado inawasumbua akili” the fans commented..




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