Popular gospel musician Oli Bohm alias Guardian Angel has come under fire from Kenyans online after his fifty-year-old wife, Esther Musila shared a racy photo of them on her Instagram account.

The wife to the popular artist shared a picture of them all smiles holding unto each other. One specific detail however, caught the attention  of  hawk-eyed fans and critics.

The ”yesu sio mwizi” hit maker could be seen carresing his wife’s left breast as they posed in romantic embraces for the camera.

The mother of three seemingly shared the photo to spread postivity as she captioned ‘ The day will only be as good as the thoughts you have.”


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Her thoughts on having a good day, were  rudely intruded by fans and crtics who took to her comment section to express their opinion on the sudden public display of affection. from the gosepel couple.

Some argued that they were legally married hence had the luxury of flaunting their love life while others expressed dissapointment in the christian couple who they accused of  backsliding on their faith.

”Essy uliamua uchokozi leo….uliona watu ni kamati wamekusahau ukaamua rero ni rero,ukaona tu uchome vidonda zilikuwa zinaanza kupona jamaneni?.Life is for the Alive and Living…acha Angel aguse pahali pake ,hajaibia mtu…The more they try studying you,the more they do retakes,,,Against all odds,they just dont gerrit.”

”Sasa mtu ku~enjoy kushika the fruits of the Holy Spirit, ni kitu ya kufanya mlete ma-feelings hapa”

”I just have high affinity for my luyhia testerone..for that reason am always looting for you Esther a blissful marriage…a happy n full of thrills…the had on the breast really worth posting?? asking as a father of campus going girls” the fans commented.

Esther Musila came to the limelight after her relationship with famous Gospel musician became public. Due to their huge age difference  their relationship received a lot of backlash as many taunted the artist for marrying an older woman.

They tied the knot in an exquisite  invite-only ceremony which took place last year January 4th. Their union saw Guradian Angel step up as a step-father to Esther Musila’s three offsprings



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