Media personality and actress Shix Kapienga has said that being a ghetto girl makes some men fear to approach her, for the purposes of establishing a romantic relationship.

While featuring on the latest episode of Dr. Ofweneke Tonight, the NTV’s Jamdown presenter said that she exactly don’t know why that is the case.

“Kama kawaida. I don’t know, maybe wao hudhania mimi nimghetto sana,” she said.

Ofweneke on the other hand admitted that whenever Shixs wears gowns at event, she leaves people surprised. This is because people are used to seeing her in jeans and t-shirts. She is however used to it.

Shix is not known to be in any romantic relationship and she has always kept that bit of her life as private as possible. She has however been under pressure from fans to settle down and start a family.

“Surely, kuna deadline ya kuolewa,” she responded to one fan and to another she said, “Eeei..pressure ni ya nini jameni?”

She however looks forward to settling down some day in the future.

“I would not mind, if it should happen it will happen, if it will not, still okay. God’s timing,” she said in a media interview

Reports indicate that she dated Comedian MC Jessy for about two years before they went separate ways.

Shix, who was born and raised in Kangemi, made a name in the entertainment industry after featuring in popular TV show Beba Beba. She later featured in Siri, Shuga and Nairobi Half life.

“Beba Beba was my first show on TV, then came Siri, then came Nairobi Halflife. We did Nairobi halflife and then came Shuga but Shuga aired before Nairobi HalfLIFE, Shuga 2. Tulikuwa na Lupita. She was very nice, very friendly,, very humbled, very loving,” she told Oga Obinna

She is currently featuring on Maisha magic’s pink ladies with renown figured such as Azzziad and Dorea Chege.


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