Rib cracking radio host Shugaboy whose real name is an Ally Mwayongwe, has surprised many following his recent revelation towards Akothee.

Shugaboy through a video that has left many in stitches revealed that he has a mad crush for the self proclaimed president of single mothers.

“Madam Boss is my all-time crush”, said the the youngman.

“The way things are unfolding, the woman that I am crushing on at the moment is Madam Boss, Akothee,” Shugaboy revealed in a video.

The comedian further stated that one he gets Akothee he will be very okay bearing in mind the mad love he has for her.

”I love her so much, and if I find her any time any day I will be good,”stated Shugaboy. adding that Akothee appears in his dreams.



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