Renowned actress Sandra Dacha has left many in stitches after revealing her celebrity crush as Kenya’s Commander In Chief Of Armed Forces.

The Well endowed actress who is at times referred as Silprosa due to the role she played on local drama Auntie boss, revealed that President William Ruto is her celebrity crush.

She said these during an interview with Oga Obinna on the  KulaCoolerShow on OBINNATV.

Sandra revealed that her crush towards Kenya’s most powerful man can be dated back to when he was a Member Of Parliament.

Her revelation surprised Obinna who dared her to tell the president something sweet since she has  a crush on him something which she downplayed but instead confessed her crush to him on live camera.

”President William Ruto you have been my all time crush since enzi zile  ukiwa MP” She said.

Sandra however said she is contemplating on her crush.


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This is what the fans had to say

”Sandra uko na taste yawa

Racho ruto typying…..and deleting 😂😂

It’s allowed 🤣🤣 kila ndege hutua mti aupendao

@sandra_dacha 😂😂😂😂😂Chamgei 🤝

Attention cheap seeking comedy You can also do your expensive comedy

Sandra dacha is something else 😂😂😂❤❤

For the longest time she has been attached to fellow comedian Akuku danger and the two confessed their love for each other at times last year.

“Akuku is my Bae…he is my boyfriend. Now that he is healed, kijana anafaa aende nyumbani, akule na akule ndio apone kabisa. Kijana saizi hakuli vizuri (the guy needs to go home and eat well so that he heals completely. He’s not eating well). If you gerrit you gerrit ,” Sandra Dacha joked in an interview.

Akuku danger also revealed that he is in love with Sandra.

Sandra is my baby. Very soon we will do a wedding or post a baby bump so that people can believe we are dating. We have been together for half a year. We are happy,”


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