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The Microphone that US rapper  Cardi B smashed a fan with is being auctioned and the proceeds will go to two charity organisations, friendship Las Vegas and Wounded warrior project.

The microphone’s bid now stands at an impressive Ksh 4.2 Million on E-bay. The owner of the audio company that provided the microphone, Scott Fisher, was advised to sell the microphone on grounds that it would sell marvellously after the infamous incident.

The listing is scheduled to conclude on August 8, and the anticipation for its final sale price continues to grow.

“I own the mic that Cardi B was nice enough to tomahawk at somebody that splashed some liquid on her a few days ago. After some encouragement from people, I decided to auction it off with 100% of the profit going to be split evenly amongst two charities,” Fisher was quoted by People’s magazine.

Cardi B threw the microphone  after being angered by a fan who splashed her  with water while on stage performing. it is reported that the projectile didn’t hit the said fan but another innocent person. The bruised fan went on to complain about it on her Tik Tok.

“When I’m the one who gets smoked by the microphone but didn’t throw the drink,” the fan, who goes by @paxybabyy, wrote. “I’m bruised and sore.”

That was however not the first incident of Cardi B attacking her a person with a microphone.  During a separate performance in Sin City  Cardi B, the rapper threw a microphone at the her DJ for allegedly cutting her music repeatedly.

Despite the negative publicity from the incidences her new single jealousy which she heavily capitalized wiuth her husband Offset has proved to be a success.

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