Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko, known by his stage name Ringtone, might have eventually found love after being a bachelor like forever.

Ringtone said that he has fallen in love and will soon be marrying a church girl. He shared the details after stepping out to buy gifts for the woman he is dating.

“Shopping for my loved one,” he captioned a video he shared online.

The video was recorded while he was in a cloths shop. He was however not sure which handbag he should to pick for his woman and asked his followers to help him in making a decision.

“Mazee, nimewaambia juzi nimefall in love. Sahizi nimecome hapa kidogo, niliambiwa ati ukifall in love unabuyia mtu gifts. So najaribu kuona bags. Mimi naoa mama Assembly. Mniambie, hii bag inakaa mama Assembly? Mniadvise hapo. mimi ni mgeni.Sijui haya maneno. Kuna ingine hapa naona, ya mama Assembly ni gani hapa? Mtaniadvise, mbarikiwe, (I told you that I have fallen in love and I have come here to buy gifts for my woman. I am marrying mama assembly. So tell me which bag suits he. Advise me, be blessed,)” he said.

A few years ago, Ringtone made headlines after going after Zari who had just broken up with singer Diamond. Ringtone publicly expressed his love for the Ugandan socialite and even bought her a Range Rover. Zari however turned down his advances.

Having been hurt by Zari’s rejection, Ringtone turned his attention to Azziad, who went viral after doing a TikTok challenge with Femi One and Meja’s Utawezana song.

“I think that Azziad is a very beautiful lady. She is very smart and very intelligent. When I see her I am shocked at the amount of shade that Kenyans have been throwing her way,” he said in the past and went ahead to release a song featuring Azziad as his vixen.

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