University, College and TVET students can now breath a sigh of relief after the Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) disbursed the much awaited funds.

According to a statement by the HELB CEO Charles Ringera, the loan board would begin disbursing funds to the respective students in the TVETs and Universities. He also said that more than 175,000 undergraduate students and over 700,000 continuing TVET students under the Old Higher Education Funding Model (OFM) are among those who will receive the loans.

“Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) – Universities and Colleges are advised to allow students to register as tuition fees to various institutions have also been released and should reflect in their respective bank accounts of the HLIs by October 5, 2023,” Ringera stated.

Angered by the delays in the key education funding programme, university students had vowed to engage in peaceful demonstrations in Nairobi’s CBD as well as across the country. Students of Multimedia University had however engaged in protests earlier this week.

MP Babu Owino played a crucial role in speeding up the disbursements following his statements for comrades.

“Comrades are very hungry and angry at the same time. Students cannot go to class because HELB has not been released, hence they cannot pay fees,” he declared.

Kenya Universities Students Organization’s president  Antony Manyora also reacted to the news about the disbursement.

“To ALL Comrades, I am glad to inform all that, through collective efforts of KUSO officials, Respective Universities’ student leaders, and all Comrades in general, HELB Fund has finally been CREDITED. Money was released from TREASURY yesterday evening, and the whole of today, we have been pushing for TRANSFERS. WE have made significant strides. I am sure already SOME BATCHES have been PAID already, as from around 1300hrs today,” he said.

Comrades are now pleased with the move,and hope that the board does not fail to fulfill their end of the bargain in the coming years.

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