Actress Njeri Gachomba, popularly known as Njambi, has been left with a swollen mouth because of undergoing an upper lip piercing.

It is not clear when she underwent the procedure but she said that it was something that she had been looking forward to for a long time in her recent TikTok post.

She was however not sorry about the damage she had caused her lip but instead made fun of the status.

“For the longest time nimetamani hii upper lip piercing.  Yaani venye hio lip imefura my friend  its so swollen it looks like a botched lip surgery. Kaa tu kama unatamani upper lip piercing ama lower the lower hata tongue piercing jua tu utafura,” she said in a TikTok video.

Njambi has since been forced to stay at home for two days because she can’t face the world in her current state. Efforts to relieve the swelling have also proved futile.

“Sasa nakaa aje . I have been home for two days I don’t want to leave the house coz  what are this. Nimejaribu ice cubes, haitulii, siitoi lakini, siitoi ng’o,” she said.

@njambitrhk Let me just say niliitoa 😂😂…. #xybca #kenyantiktok #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – NjambiTrhk

Captioning the video, she however admitted that she removed the jewellery from her lip.

The video attracted mixed reactions from fans, as some laughed at how she looked like while others suggested how she can go out without raising alarm.

“I thought umepigwa ngumi ya lips,” a TikTok user laughed of as another said, ” Thought it’s a bee sting.”

“Mask to the rescue ukitoka,” another suggested.

People across the world have mouth and oral piercings for different reasons. For some, it’s for the sake of enhancing their appearance, while for others it is for religious purposes, rites of passage and initiation.

Experts however  have raised concerns about such piercings because of consequences such as infections, gum diseases and tooth damage.

“Since your mouth is always warm and moist, it’s the perfect place for bacteria to flourish. Having a piercing in your mouth increases the chance that these bacteria will cause an infection in that area. This is because once you create a hole in a place where bacteria already lives, it makes it very easy for an infection to occur,” an article from Amy Smile Saver reveals.

However to prevent such consequences, one is advised to  to disinfect and clean the area around the oral piercing, rinse their mouth with water after eating and avoid playing with their piercings to avoid tooth damage.

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