In 2019, Willy Paul and Rayvanny were to collaborate in a song titled Chuchuma.

The collaboration however failed to push through, with the artists releasing different versions of the song with the same title.

Willy Paul, who claimed to have originally come up with the idea, was so unpleased that he called out Ryavanny.

“It is so sad that he is trying to steal from me just because the collabo did not work out,” the Saldido Record Label owner said then.

Willy Paul was however the first one to release his Chuchuma as it was published on Youtube on September 2019 while Rayvanny’s was released in October the same year.

4 years later, Ryavanny has come out to explain the root cause of the misunderstanding over the song, dispelling claims that they were still not in good terms.

“Hakuna kitu kama hicho, Pozze is my brother na tunaongea na pia tulikuwa na plan ya kufanya kazi zingine kwa hivyo hivyo ni vitu vya nyuma sana vilipita sidhani kama ni vizuri sana kuanza kuviongelea kwa wakati huu. Mambo ya chuchuma ishapita sijui ni miaka mitano huko nyuma lakini kulikuwa tu na mpishano, nafikiri ni issue ya beat. Mimi kuna beat nilikuwa naitaka yeye kulikuwa na beat anaitaka. Yeye akaitumia beat ambayo anaitaka na mimi nitaktumia beat ambayo naitaka. Ndio maana yeye akawa na wimbo wake wa chuchuma mimi nikawa na wimbo wangu wa chuchuma kwasababu beat niliyokuwa naitaka mimi yeye hakuwa anaitaka,” he said in a recent interview with Radio Citizen

Rayvanny further denied claims that one of them stole another’s idea, insisting that they are a family. He further said that they will always be in talking terms.

He also spoke about his break-up with Paula Kajala explaining why they broke up.

“Everything has its time. Reasons can be many at times that they can even lead to court. Shot and clear, life is going on, she is happy right now with her person and I am with my person. Her husband is my child, am not envious of him, I don’t have any quarrel with them, we good,” he said.

At the same time, Rayvanny said that he doesn’t believe in artists using witchcraft to be successful.

“I believe in God. I don’t believe in witchcraft, I don’t do that, and I will never. That is why I don’t have any ritual scars. I don’t know any witchdoctors,” he affirmed.

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