Chaos were witnessed at the Full Gospel church in Kawangware during the service on Sunday December 10.

Drama ensued after their Bishop demanded that they should make contributions so that he could buy a Prado TX.

The church members did not mind the chaos they would cause as they walked out of the ongoing service expressing their disagreement with the demands of their Bishop, with placards bearing the words, ‘Bishop Must Go.’

According to them they do not have money to spare for that  controversial request but on the other hand, the Bishop claims that the church’s account has enough savings to buy him a car and the church members are just unwilling to support his request.

The church’s finance manager James Gichuhi said that the Bishop wanted the new car since he felt embarrassed during meetings as he would in discontent witness other Bishops drive luxurious cars.

The Bishop was also accused of sabotaging church projects. A church deacon exposed his efforts in trying to change the signatories to the church’s bank to those that he preferred.

“The church elders who are signatories of our bank have been facing challenges as there has been a plot to oust them and install his preferred signatories,” a deacon of the church said.

His translator has also accused him of castigating the church leaders and elders indirectly through his sermons, an unpleasant habit that he engages in especially when there are guests in the fellowships.

“As his translator, I have been very uncomfortable translating some of his unsavoury sermons aimed at the church elders and leaders.”

A section of the church members are calling for an audit of the church’s finances to ensure that they have been used appropriately as contentions about the use of funds from the school and a water selling business arose.

“There is no way, money cannot be withdrawn from the church’s account without the knowledge of the treasurer,”another church leader lamented.

They have further asked the leaders to intervene and transfer the said Bishop due to the alleged sabotage of the church’s finances and projects.





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