In a recent interview with Citizen Digital, renowned rapper Kahush dismissed rumours suggesting that he is involved with the secret-cult group, Illuminati.

The artist addressed the misconceptions that arose after a cryptic social media post where he mentioned having “sold his soul.” Kahush clarified that the statement was metaphorical and not indicative of any pact with the secret society.

During the interview, Kahush emphasized that his artistic expressions are often layered with symbolism and metaphors, meant to engage and provoke thought among his fans. He expressed his frustration over the misinterpretation of his words.

“That’s a bit more complex than it meets the eye. I think I will address that at a later time,” he said.

About his controversial ring,  Kahush said that it’s just intended to communicate that he is alert.

“This ring means keep your eye on the price, that’s what it means to me personally and I put it on my middle finger because when you’re attacking life, I want this to be  like…when I shake hands and everything so it’s like I am just watching out for everything.”

He added that the ring does cause him trouble with his parents and family.

“This is a regular ring, I am not in illuminati,” he confirmed

Amidst the discussion, the rapper took the opportunity to share his list of top hip-hop influencers, shedding light on the artists who have inspired his musical journey. Notably, Boutross, an emerging force in the Kenyan hip-hop scene, found a place on his list of admired artists. Boutross’ unique style and lyrical prowess have evidently caught Kahush’s attention, reflecting the rapper’s appreciation for fresh talent within the industry.

The artists is the son of former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.


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