Bahati Kenya’s fans have once again shown their support to the artist giving him al the critics he deserves after releasing his newest song Salome.

According to Bahati he recorded Salome in that manner since he had been receiving request from his fans to go back to his old way of singing before fame and welcoming diversity.

”Mara Huyu Ndio Bahati Tunapenda!!! Oh We Miss the Old Bahati…. Sasa Mnataka Nitoe Wimbo Za Kulia Hadi Lini??? 😭😭😭 he wrote on Instagram.

However, according to his fans,the artist was not creative since his idea on the Salome song is an imitation from Diamond platinumz  song Zuwena.

”I feel like this video inafanana na ile ya diamond zuwena at some points”

”In your heart it’s zuwena 😂”

Uyo salome mbona kama zuwena 😮

Salome zuwena😂😂😂”

Bahati was also challenged by a fan who asked him to dry different  delivery styles since he was becoming too obviou.

”There is no doubt about your talent bt music is taking another direction stop being predictable,,your singles sounds the same interms of beats nd its kinder bringing monotony vibe to your funs,,try nd divers your sounds nd beats,,nice video though👍”

”Si umeimbia Diana na sai Salome si ata utoe Ngoma ya Elizabeth aki🥺’A fan commented


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In a separate music promotion video, in line with the message of the song  Diana Marua asked their female followers what they would do if they were in Salome’s position.

”Ladies, if you were #SALOME would you wait for your man to become rich, would you believe in him? Would your Neighbour make you to give into pressure of thinking life is good on the other side??” She wrote and one of the replies was directed to Bahati.

”Inafaa ushukuru God sana hii si real lifestyle yako Dee angekukataaa banaa broo😢😢😢umeona vile unakaa”


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