Social media influencer and content creator Pritty Vishy has reacted to ongoing rumors that Stevo Simple Boy’s wife, Grace Atieno, is expecting another man’s child.

In a series of Insta stories, Pritty Vishy said that she is aware of the reports because she has a mutual friend with Stevo and not that she is following his life.

“Yooh, things are worse si vile mnadhani, so lem me gist you my guys,” she wrote, adding that definitely, Stevo has a problem.

“From Pritty alikuwa anmcheat na 50 men, to maex wakae kando then mimba si yangu, hamuoni budesko ako na ngori, mara management mara tudame wote amedate walicheat,” she went on.

She went to reveal that Grace was expecting a child with a man known as Jemmoh, but Pritty was cagey about revealing more information because of what people might say about her.

“The niggah cheated on me with her, them now the empress has cheated on him to an extend of getting pregnant for Jemmoh, if I open my mouth and gist you people mtasema ooh Pritty..,” she said.

The content creator claimed that Grace felt good while cheating with Stevo as she thought he had money. According to her,  Grace was happy when she got out of the picture and decided to move in with Stevo, when the reality of his situation hit her.

“Akadhani the management was so poor, which is true because her man, Omusanii, doesnt know how to stand for himself  like a man. So she decided to bring down the management which was fine but she didn’t have a plan B like I did so ikabaki omusanii ako penye ako.

“Because omusanii didn’t have enough as she thought akaamua acha atafute side dude . The side dude is still a broke ninja  but at least he could ride her better than omuboyfriend in the process (pregnancy). Sasa Omusanii kupiga mahesabu akaona eei huyu si mimi buana. Anyway I have a lot acha nilale nitwapeaudaku later,” she concluded.

Reports indicate that Stevo is depressed after discovering that his wife is expecting another man’s child. Stevo denied making Grace pregnant because they had not been together for a while and she returned back to him while already pregnant.

“Grace Atieno refrained from addressing the issue. However she revealed that her relationship  with the musician is not how it used to be and she will give her side of the story early next year,” a local news site reported.

On his Instagram account, Stevo is crying foul because of women.

“Vichuna eeish,” he wrote on Monday accompanied by  weeping emojis.

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