Musician Kevin Kioko alias Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have once again cracked the ribs of their ardent followers in a video they shared online.

This time they collaborated with Terence Creative to depict the effect of ‘Wababaz’ on young relationships.

Terence posed as Diana’s ‘mubaba’ and at the same time she was in a relationship with Bahati.  Diana however lied to her sponsor that Bahati is just her gay friend. The ‘Mubaba’ was so pleased that the gay friend was taking good care of his sweetheart that he rewarded him with a huge amount of money. On seeing the cash, Bahati had no other choice but agree to pose as Diana’s gay friend hence the weird dress code.

“See the end and please don’t judge me. But Why are wababaz and sponsors doing this to our children in the hood. Pesa inatukosea, vijana tutafute pesa,” Bahati captioned the video.


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The video has since caused mixed reactions with Eddie Butita claiming that Terence was recruiting comedians without permission.

“Terence stop recruiting comedians without our permission,” the SPM Buzz CEO laughed off.

Diana Marua on the other hand said that the video is still making her laugh.

“And we managed to do this, I am on the the floor,” she wrote.

Terence’s wife Milly Chebby also commented saying that they finally managed to get the perfect video after shooting for 10hours.

“Lambistic sh*t we killed it after 10 hour of shooting fam,” she revealed.

Here are more reactions that the video attracted;

Sarantha: Willy Paul penye ako anatamani kulia anapewa topic ya kutrend nayo.

Diana Shish: Bahati aliona pesa in the akatulia akakaubali babe aende hivyo.

Mandee: Na uskie huyu ni role model wa mtu Kenya may God forbid

Chali wa Taveta: Umekuwa fala sana ndio maana pastor Ezekiel alisema mtu akioa Diana uyo bwana ndio anmakuwa bibi now see.



September 15, 2023

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