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Popular Kenyan  Comedian Eric Omondi has confessed that he does not know the real number of his children.

In an interview in one of a local radio station, Eric  admitted he  did not know if he has three or four children.

The comedian turned human rights activist further clarified that he could have even more kids than the aforementioned number.

“Wangu wa kibifnasi sijui nitasema ni watatu, wanne.. tuseme watatu,” Eric said.

Despite giving the estimates, Eric admitted he was unable to tell the number of his children.

He went on to give a revelation of how a girl who came to his home while he was still in high school and claimed to be pregnant for him, he revealed that he still in doubt on whether the child was his.

“Kule Kisumu kitambo nikiwa shule kuna msichana alikuja nyumbani, anaitwa Rose. Mama aliniita akaniambia kuwa kuna msichana ananiita na anasema ako na ujauzito wangu. Nilikuwa form 4. Nakumbuka hadi leo. Sijui kama ilikuwa kweli, mimi nilikuwa shuleni. Niligombanishwa, nikirudi shuleni mtoto akaja tukapoteleana mpaka leo,” he said.

The former Churchill show comedian added that that they were romantically involved and there is a modicum of possibility that the child was his.

For the longest time the actor has been rumoured to have sired a child with former TV personality Jacque Maribe. About a month ago, he welcomed his child with his girlfriend Lynne

Eric Omondi started his career as a comedian, gaining popularity through his unique style and comedic timing. He gained recognition through his appearances on the Kenyan comedy show “Churchill Show,” where he showcased his comedic talent and versatility. Omondi has is known for entertaining audiences with his jokes, impersonations, and sketches.




September 14, 2023

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