Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo, prominent figures in Kenya’s social scene, have recently marked a heartwarming milestone – the three-month anniversary of their daughter Africanah Rapudo’s birth. In a display of opulence and affection, the couple organized a lavish celebration that showcased their love for their baby girl.

The festivities took place on a splendid Sunday, enveloping the young Africanah in an atmosphere of joy and love. The event, meticulously captured in videos shared by both Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo on social media, unveiled an intimate gathering that was clearly by invitation only. Among the attendees were a select group of close friends and possibly family members, creating an aura of exclusivity.

Phoina Tosha, a well-known hairstylist in the country and a dear friend of the socialite, was among those present at the celebration. The presence of such esteemed guests affirmed the significance of the occasion within their inner circle.

The couple’s decision to throw a lavish party to commemorate their daughter’s three months of life not only highlights their affection for Africanah but also underscores their status as influential figures. Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo’s opulent gesture, replete with meticulously crafted details, speaks volumes about their dedication to embracing life’s precious moments.

The event also underscores the power of celebration, regardless of the controversy that has at times surrounded Amber Ray’s public persona. The radiant joy on the faces of the attendees, the carefully curated decorations, and the palpable atmosphere of camaraderie are a testament to the unifying spirit of familial love.


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