Henry Ohanga, commonly referred to by his stage name Octopizzo has opened up on his musical journey.

Speaking to digital journalists, he said that he doesn’t want  the artists he is supporting to go through what he underwent.

“Nikianza haikuwa rahisi kwangu kwa industry ndio maana staki wasani wapitie pahali nilipitia,” the award winning artist said.

Her however noted that is is difficult to work with rising artists nowadays as many of them are eager for overnight success.

“Kuwork na wasanii today is not easy to cause every artist wants to be a superstar overnight. Mimi before ngoma yangu ya kwanza ikuwe on radio, there was no hizi maInstagram, It took fivce years, saa hizi msanii anaanza kurap jana leo anataka kuwa star ashachezwa kwa radio halafu sasa wewe mwenye ulimweka hapo ushakuwa mtiaji because of hio nastep back, nawacha kila msee afanye shughuli yake but low key am spotting the people I would like to work with,” Octopizzo said

The Namba Nane artist also discussed his current project, describing it as a significant endeavor in Kibera, akin to being as important as his music career. He also emphasized his strong desire for the project’s success and its ability to thrive.

He added that this year he is not going to release any album for his fans because he intends to wholeheartedly dedicate his focus and efforts to the project he’s currently working on.

Octopizzo also shared insights into the formation of his foundation, revealing that he established it before embarking on his music career, a lesser-known fact about him, underscoring his unwavering commitment to community support.

“Nilianza foundation before nianze kurap, that’s what people don’t know,” he stated.

The award-winning artist emphasized on his desire for people to recognize that music is more than just a hobby or entertainment. He articulates his goal of naturing professional artists, rather than those focused solely on performing in clubs.

He further expressed  that the primary objective of his project is to support his fellow artists by offering guidance and fostering their growth while safeguarding them from potential exploitation.



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